Other Event-related FAQs

Miscellaneous questions about events

I think someone might be using the Strava App on an e-bike, motorbike or car.

It's a personal honour challenge as well as a physical one. We think everyone has integrity and honesty about challenging themselves. Togoparts.com reserves the right to ignore the Strava entry due to dishonesty. Based on a case by case basis, we have the right to disqualify any participants at our sole discretion or should we find a participant in violation of terms and conditions of the challenge repetitively.

How do you treat activities which are made against the Singapore Traffic Rules, for example, riding on an expressway?

The entire activity will not be recognised if any section of the activity is ridden/ran/walked on a Singaporean Expressway. Activities on the expressways and road tunnels are not permitted in Singapore. We strongly urge all challengers to ride/run/walk safely and abide by all traffic regulations of Singapore.

Why are some of the postings being removed on Togoparts’ challenge leaderboard chat?

Togoparts.com will remove postings that are deemed inappropriate and which will adversely affect the spirit of the event

I think someone is cheating in the challenge, what do I do?

You can flag his activities and our team will look into these activities for removal. Alternatively, you may reach out to our support team and we'll gladly assist. Please send us an email at support@togoparts.zohodesk.com