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Miscellaneous questions about events


How do I connect STRAVA to my Togoparts account?

Follow these simple to connect your STRAVA account!

1.  Download the STRAVA app on your phone.

2. Ensure that your privacy settings are set to “EVERYONE” for your rides to be recorded.

3. Set the dates from the Event Start Date to the Event End Date. 

4. You're all set! You can start recording rides.

Are there any requirements to join an event?

Nope! You can join the challenge wherever and whenever. But, be sure to link your STRAVA to your Togoparts account.

If I ride and record prior to signing up for an event, will those rides be included in the event leaderboard?

Yes, they can be included. To include past rides, please do contact us at support@togoparts.zohodesk.com, and we’ll manually add them.

Why do some of my rides don't register?

Your rides may be uploaded late (a few days after the ride), especially for riders that use other tracking apps like Garmin. We advise you to upload your rides and activities as soon as possible. If your STRAVA privacy setting is not set to public, our leaderboard will not be able to pull your activities and update it automatically. We advise you to change your privacy settings to ‘public’. Be sure to untick ALL of the checkboxes on the STRAVA web/app Privacy Settings. For other technical issues, please contact us with your username and STRAVA Ride ID where available.

Can I measure my distance using other apps or devices?

We require all participants to log their rides using STRAVA. You can use other tracking apps, like Garmin, and upload your activities to STRAVA. If you have logged your activity with another app and not STRAVA, the system will not recognise uploaded activity.

Sometimes I ride very long distances. How do I ensure my battery does not run out?

To conserve your battery, allow the STRAVA app run in the background while it is recording your activity. Here's a few steps you can follow:

Turn on location services for your mobile phone:

iOS: Settings Privacy Location Services Set to ON

Android (Samsung 6.0.1): Settings Privacy & Safety Set to ON

Turn on your Strava app's location services:

iOS: Settings Strava Location Set to "While Using" or "Always"

Android: On by default.

When you go out for a ride, hit record and turn off your mobile phone's screen. Special thanks to user triton for sharing this information.

Can I do indoor rides on a trainer or stationary bike and log that ride?

It depends in the challenge. Each challenge varies - some of our challenges do and some don't. We recommend checking in the challenge page if indoor activities are allowed. Alternatively, you may send us an email at support@togoparts.zohodesk.com to confirm. 

The distance recorded by STRAVA is inaccurate, can you add the missing distance into that activity?

We are unable to edit the details recorded by STRAVA. We do advise participants to ensure their GPS signal is strong throughout the ride, and consistently check that STRAVA is recording.

I use Garmin Connect/Movescount to track my rides. How do I link them to STRAVA?

You can log into your STRAVA account and click on this link: www.strava.com/upload/device 

Alternatively, you can also check this out: strava.zendesk.com/forums/20539803-Uploading-to-Strava   

How do I download my E-bib?

You can download your E-bib by clicking the Download your E-bib button on the Event Homepage.

How do I download my Finisher Certificate?

You can download your Finisher Certificate by clicking the Download Finisher Certificate button on the Event Homepage.

Where can I check my progress against other participants?

You can check the challenge leaderboard after it goes live on the first day of a challenge.