Troubleshoot Common Leaderboard Problems

Common issues and solutions regarding the activity sync and other related issues

Activities are not appearing

It takes around 15 - 20 mins for your activity to appear on the leaderboard after you've completed your session. If it has been longer than that and you're still facing issues, please try the following solutions.

Your activities on STRAVA might be private

Solution: In the Strava app, tap the gear icon on the top right and then select Privacy Controls in the privacy section. Make sure everything in the "Where You Appear" section is set to "Everyone".

Your STRAVA might not be connected with Togoparts

Solution: Click here to know if your STRAVA is connected with Togoparts or not. If not, follow the steps on that page to connect. Once you have connected successfully, please let us know via and we'll assist you in syncing your rides.

You might have connected a different STRAVA account

Solution: If you have multiple STRAVA accounts, you might not have connected the right one to Togoparts.

  1. To make sure, click here. You'd see the ID of the current STRAVA account you've connected with Togoparts.

  2. Now proceed to STRAVA on a desktop computer and click on your profile. In the address bar, you'll be able to get your STRAVA ID from the URL. For example, if the URL is then your ID is 12345678.

  3. If the IDs from Togoparts and STRAVA don't match, disconnect your STRAVA from Togoparts and connect the right one. And then contact us at and we'll assist you in syncing your rides.

You might've set the wrong activity type on STRAVA

Solution: Make sure the event you are participating in supports the activity you selected on STRAVA. Our events usually accept Ride, Run, and Walk. Please verify you've set the correct activity type for the event you're participating in.

If not, please edit the activity and contact us at so we could manually update your activity.

STRAVA - Privacy Settings

STRAVA - Accepted Activity Types