Update Information

Common issues and solutions in updating your information.

Can I change my team after joining another team previously?

No. You cannot switch or make any updates in you teams once the challenge starts.

Can I withdraw from a team?

Yes. But this is only allowed before the challenge starts. If you'd like to be removed from your current team, please email us at support@togoparts.zohodesk.com

I want to update my Delivery Address, where can I do it?

Go to the Challenge Page and you should be able to see the "Update Info" button. Once clicked, this will allow you to update your information. Alternatively, you may also email us at support@togoparts.zohodesk.com

Am I allowed to exchange my jersey after I have received them?

No. We strictly order our rewards based on your registration details. Please contact support@togoparts.zohodesk.com for more information.

Can I update my jersey/tee sizes?

Yes, you can. You can go to the "Update Info" button which can be found on our challenge page. Please know that this will only be allowed until the registration closes.